Read the latest news from ProptechOS about the real estate industry and proptech. ProptechOS is a sophisticated real estate management platform that leverages the power of digital technology to optimize property operations. It serves as a centralized hub for managing building data, energy consumption, tenant interactions, and more. The significance of ProptechOS in the industry lies in its ability to streamline processes, reduce costs, and improve decision-making through data-driven insights.

Energy Performance Benchmark platform with dena German Energy Agency: first participants onboarded!

In December 2022, after a successful experts meeting on the Analysis and Benchmarking Platform for Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, and Heat Pump Systems, the development of the Energy Performance Benchmark platform started.  The platform offers a cost-effective and flexible solution that will increase awareness among equipment owners and promote the [...]

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EU proposes new law on false green proclamations

According to the European Commission, over half of green claims made by companies in the EU are vague, misleading, or unfounded. To combat this issue, the EU has proposed a new law on green claims that aims to make them reliable, comparable, and verifiable across the EU. The goal [...]

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Commercial Real Estate can be supported by Proptech

Due to its steady returns, passive income, and growth potential, Commercial Real Estate (CRE) investing is gaining a reputation as a solid investment vehicle. However, even though Commercial Real Estate has the potential to generate profits, not all business investments are equal. Therefore, a successful career in Commercial Real [...]

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ProptechOS becomes transactable in Azure Marketplace

ProptechOS is now available in Azure Marketplace and through our co-sell partnership, we jointly bring Microsoft and ProptechOS services to customers. “Microsoft has a track record of delivering enterprise value that few can match. We are excited for ProptechOS to be a part of Azure Marketplace and to work [...]

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Join The Supply Side

Starting today, if the Stockholm area grid needs it, electric vehicle chargers will back off a bit, and building HVAC will go to low power mode for a while. Buildings and cars will be good citizens of the smart city. Bloomberg reported this week that "energy prices in Europe [...]

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Introducing the ProptechOS Partner Program

Let us tell you about the ProptechOS Partner Program, it was created by and for the real estate industry using the open standard RealEstateCore. The program unlocks business value from the generated data with the help of new applications in combination with the ProptechOS platform from Idun.

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Digital Twin Consortium welcomes Idun Real Estate as a Groundbreaker

Non-profit trade association Object Management Group® (OMG®) with founders Ansys, Dell, Lendlease and Microsoft, today announced the formation of Digital Twin Consortium™. Digital twins, virtual models of a process, product or service that allow for data analysis and system monitoring via simulations, can be challenging to implement due to a lack of open-source software, interoperability issues, legacy systems, and high costs. 

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