About us

We make buildings good inhabitants of the smart city

ProptechOS and our vibrant ecosystem of partner applications, based on the open source standard RealEstateCore, enable property owners to transform their real estate portfolio into a platform for innovation, analysis, and optimization.

Data control is the key to leveraging the full potential of smart buildings

Idun’s beginnings can be traced back to an idea sparked between a data scientist, an engineer, and a real estate company with a shared passion for making buildings smart. The real estate company was tired of compromising their smart building vision due to reliance on external providers. An alternative didn’t exist, so they decided to join forces and create it themselves. The key to leveraging the full potential of smart buildings—and making smart cities happen faster—they realized, is giving property owners control over their own data.

The result of this conversation was RealEstateCore, an open source semantic language developed in 2017 and sponsored by a consortium between Vasakronan AB, Akademiska Hus AB, Klipsk AB, Jönköping University, Rise AB and Willhem AB. Serving as a facilitator, RealEstateCore prepares buildings to interact with one another in the smart cities of the future. When property owners have access to this shared language, they are able to connect their buildings with new services and possibilities on a large scale—without having to worry about building or technology-specific implementation details and formats.

Supporting the smart building ecosystem

In 2019, our mission to enable smart buildings and cities—and the ecosystem of services that supports them—was taken a step further with the establishment of Idun Real Estate Solutions AB. Our set of integrated applications, powered by RealEstateCore, help you facilitate smart buildings that contribute to greater sustainability, well-being, productivity, and better business.