Operational Efficiency

Increase Net Operating Income using proptech apps

Why is operational efficiency important?

During times of economic constraint, commercial real estate owners need to evaluate investment opportunities in relation to property value. Net operating income (NOI) assesses a property’s ability to generate income from operations, without considering the property’s capital structure. As a result, it focuses on how operating costs enhance property value.

Operations optimization ensures building systems operate at full potential, maximizing uptime. ProptechOS plug and play operational efficiency applications continuously run on real estate portfolios and individual buildings to identify inefficiencies using fault detection and diagnostic applications, automation and control.

Operational Efficiency apps ready to buy, install, and use in your ProptechOS

Automation applications

Many process automation strategies such as grid interaction can be implemented without significant changes to building equipment or additional investments in building systems. Examples of such low-cost initiatives include load shifting to avoid energy peaks during windows of high prices for energy, automated work orders and remote monitoring. Such initiatives reduce manual labor and associated errors, enable remote monitoring and control.

SCADA, BMS/BAS and control applications

A modern commercial building can host a minimum of 14 systems that simultaneously contribute to its daily operations. A BAS is thought of as the foundation of a smart building as it enables many use cases such as automation, fault detection and analytics by enabling controls of many systems including HVAC, fire and security. It is possible to connect any BMS system to ProptechOS.

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