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ProptechOS is an innovation platform which collects and harmonizes real-time data from building management systems, BIM, business and IoT devices.

Easiest way to use proptech apps

  • Apps that are ready to use
  • Get value instead of starting integration
  • Get true interoperability of apps – no empty promises of open-api:s
  • Sensor data can be used by multiple apps. Each new app does not need new hardware investment
  • Handle user access once instead of keeping multiple directories up to date
  • Pay as you go

Best way to build proptech apps 

  • All real estate data available in a common format regardless of underlying system
  • A standard API for accessing data and interacting with edge system
  • Rich useful digital twins of systems, buildings, people and processes
  • No vendor lock-in in either apps or edge integrations as a result of RealEstateCore
  • ProptechOS is developed by the founders and leading developers of RealEstateCore
  • An SDK that ensures quick time-to-value for app developers
  • Maintain control and ownership of all data
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How to get started with ProptechOS?

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A turn-key solution within commercial real estate that scales with your needs

Why use the RealEstateCore application ecosystem?

ProptechOS Apps

With ProptechOS and partner applications, you get access to best-in-class applications without needing more than one integration into your portfolio. ProptechOS partners are specialized for specific use cases, ranging from energy optimization to smart office end user experiences. You can use multiple partner applications to serve all of your proptech needs.


The ProptechOS application interface (the “integration contract” between ProptechOS and the application) follows RealEstateCore, the world leading standard. Any applications built for RealEstateCore can therefore run on ProptechOS, with no or little adjustments.


Partner applications go a step further than the general RealEstateCore application. In collaboration with the application providers, Idun has certified that the application can easily be installed, that it effectively and securely interacts with the ProptechOS data and that the end-to-end customer experience is valuable. In short, Certified Partner applications are certified to work and are ready to be used by any ProptechOS customer.

No additional integration points

Applications on ProptechOS can all use the same data and the same integration to in-building systems. That means that using a new application does not mean making a new integration. Quite the opposite one application often results in adding data to ProptechOS that can be leveraged by other applications.

Our customers include

Our RealEstateCore applications

We have developed a set of best-in-class applications leveraging open source initiative RealEstateCore to solve user problems
for areas where there are no partner applications.

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Portfolio scale presence and occupancy analytics

Utilize is an application developed by Idun which provides portfolio scale presence and occupancy analytics. It is developed to help building stakeholders understand building usage based on real-time data. Utilize enables optimization of schedules, setpoints and sequences of operations and can be used in four key areas:

  • Hygiene and Covid
  • Maintenance
  • Space usage
  • Power
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Automated certification and compliance

The Certify application automates LEED certification and recertification for building portfolios. Certify enables continuous data streaming of consumption levels of LEED building performance metrics which facilitates ongoing building performance tracking. Certifications and recertifications are automated so that building data can be uploaded to Arc, reducing manual work and potential errors.

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Portfolio scale energy and power analytics

Optimize is a portfolio scale energy and power analytics application developed by Idun. It is designed to keep building portfolios running at optimal resource usage throughout their life cycle and enable building stakeholders to understand, measure and optimize energy usage. Optimize enables optimization of electricity, district heating and district cooling allowing for the perfect balance between indoor climate and energy usage.  

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