Getting started with ProptechOS

Create digital twins of your buildings and devices and connect your systems and data sources.
Our on-boarding team will assist you with both.

Three easy steps for a smooth onboarding experience

ProptechOS is delivered as a cloud solution and works with existing hardware. The initial set up of ProptechOS includes onboarding data sources, devices, edge.

Contact ProptechOS Onboarding Team ([email protected]) through email or book a call with the Onboarding Team, for support with setup and usage of ProptechOS. 

Managed onboarding

ProptechOS offers a managed onboarding service for customers who would like to get support with initial setup. Managed onboarding service includes creating digital twins of devices and buildings in ProptechOS and connecting them to customer systems and sensors. For more information contact ProptechOS Onboarding Team ([email protected]).