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Dr. Erik Wallin, Chief Ecosystem Officer, and founder of ProptechOS and RealEstateCore is recognized as a leader in Building Operating Systems (BOS) and making the buildings of the world smarter. He holds an MSc and a Ph.D. in Media and Computer Science from KTH Royal Institute of Technology. ProptechOS transforms real estate portfolios into platforms for innovation, analysis, and optimization. He is an active researcher within the field of semantic technologies and turning buildings into data-driven smart cities. You can contact him by visiting the contact page.

17% energy savings for Deutsche Energie-Agentur by ProptechOS and ClimaCheck

Stockholm, June 18, 2024 – ProptechOS, a software company specializing in building data and management, has developed an Energy Performance platform for German Energy Agency (Deutsche Energie-Agentur, dena) in collaboration with ClimaCheck, world leader in energy optimisation in air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump systems. This initiative aims to [...]

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The role of healthcare facilities management in modern society

Healthcare facilities management (HFM) is a critical and complex field that plays a pivotal role in ensuring that healthcare environments are safe, efficient, and conducive to facilitating high-quality patient care. As the backbone of healthcare institutions, HFM integrates a range of disciplines to manage the physical workspace, healthcare services, [...]

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Sustainable solutions with facility automation systems

Facility automation systems (FAS) are transforming the way commercial real estate properties are managed, offering unprecedented levels of control, efficiency, and sustainability. They integrate and automate building systems to enable streamlined operations, data-driven decision-making, and fast responses to changing needs. Centralized control: Building management for real estate professionals As [...]

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Up your CRE game with the best energy management solutions

Introduction to energy management in commercial real estate Energy management is a crucial aspect of operating and maintaining commercial real estate (CRE) properties. It involves the strategic planning, implementation, and monitoring of energy consumption to optimize building performance, reduce costs, and minimize environmental impact. What is it? In the [...]

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Next-gen digital twin software for sustainable buildings

As the demand for smart, connected, and sustainable buildings continues to grow, digital twin technology can help property managers accommodate this new demand. It allows the creation of data-driven representations of a building. This enables data-driven decision-making that improves the overall efficiency of buildings and their assets. What is the [...]

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Building management systems: What a BMS is and how it works

Property owners strive to minimize operational expenses and ensure tenant safety and comfort. By connecting facility systems (IoT technology) and controlling them from one place, building management systems can make for a smart building and enable property owners to find hidden opportunities. What is Building management systems (BMS)? Building management [...]

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