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The operating system for Real Estate
✔ Save energy, automate tasks, and provide value to tenants
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During this demonstration you will experience:

How ProptechOS can be the perfect platform for you as a data-driven real estate owner

Learn how to connect devices and systems, onboard buildings, and create 3D visualizations of your digital twins and more

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After signing up and signing in, starting to use ProptechOS follows a simple process: 

  1. Onboard Building. If your use case requires just a few rooms, you can probably create them manually by yourself, and if you need an entire building, you can use a blueprint to do it at scale. ProptechOS Onboarding will help you with the end-to-end process.
  2. Data source. Identify suitable existing devices for your use case.
    (If needed, procurement and installation of complementary IoT devices are done by an external vendor in coordination with ProptechOS.)
  3. Onboard Devices. A simple use case with just a few IoT devices can be set up manually, and an entire legacy system can be onboarded using a tag list. ProptechOS Onboarding engineers can do both quickly. To finally get going,  access for ProptechOS to connect to your devices is set up.
  4. Data from IoT devices, BIM, Building Management Systems, and business functionalities are collected in ProptechOS. You are now ready to use ProptechOS.

ProptechOS Free Trial or Professional subscriptions can be set up in minutes. A Dedicated instance can take 2-3 working days. After you get access to ProptechOS, onboarding a set of certified partner devices can take a couple of hours for a modern IoT system, 72 hours including modeling for a complete Building management system from a certified partner, or 2-4 weeks for a system that has not yet been modeled in RealEstateCore or integrated with ProptechOS. The device onboarding takes even longer than that if the use case requires access to an on-site local network and/or installation of on-site hardware. Start setting up your account by choosing a pricing plan.

Yes, ProptechOS can be used for free. The free plan is limited to connecting 10 IoT devices from a building to ProptechOS but is fully featured and has no time limit, which allows you to explore all features of ProptechOS and see how it will work once you transition to a paid plan. We also do not require you to share credit card information with us when signing up for a free trial.

ProptechOS is a SaaS cloud solution. ProptechOS itself does not require any hardware.

However, some legacy systems in buildings cannot connect to the internet. In such cases, ProptechOS will install a physical Connector server on-site that will serve as an uplink to ProptechOS. Many times, it is possible to use a cloud-based Connector or a Connector on a virtual server on the customer’s local network.

ProptechOS has features for onboarding of both devices and buildings and many partner systems can self-onboard automatically. There is however, often some need to clean up or harmonize blueprint files or BMS taglists before they can be onboarded. ProptechOS offers fully managed onboarding, priced by the square meter:

  • Building onboarding per m2: €0.05
    Managed end-to-end service of blueprints (dwg or BIM) onboarded to ProptechOS. min €500
  • Device onboarding per m2: €0.15
    Managed end-to-end service of  Building Management System or IoT system onboarded to ProptechOS, min €1000

Yes, to cancel your subscription, get in touch with [email protected]

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