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These cities are best prepared for a ‘smart city’ future

Technology is developing faster than ever before. But are our cities keeping up?


Transforming cities: The impact of smart buildings

Introduction Buildings are integral to our daily lives, providing shelter and facilitating work, but in modern society, we should expect them to do more. Buildings, like individuals, are key units that make up a city and should contribute to the city's well-being. If you would [...]

Real estate’s energy efficiency: different strategies for reducing emissions

Unlocking the potential of energy efficiency in the real estate industry: Strategies for reducing consumption and saving costsTo create a sustainable real estate industry and decrease emissions, owners, managers, and caretakers need to adopt a holistic and total approach to energy reduction.Discover ways to save energy through insulation, heat pumps, [...]

WELL Building Standard: A performance-based Certificate

With the average American spending roughly 90% of their time indoors, building qualities can significantly impact the overall well-being of its occupants. But it’s difficult to determine how a facility positively or negatively impacts its occupants' well-being. So, the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) created the WELL Building Standard. [...]

Building information modeling: how and why BIM works

With building information modeling, architects and engineers can more effectively optimize building systems to reduce waste and maintenance. It also lets professionals working on new construction or renovations more efficiently design effective solutions. But how does building information modeling work, and why is it used?What is building information modeling (BIM)?BIM  [...]

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