Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ about ProptechOS and Real Estate Core

Idun building pattern


Getting started with ProptechOS 

After signing up and signing in, starting to use ProptechOS follows a simple process: 

  1. Onboard Building. If your use case requires just a few rooms, you can probably create them manually by yourself, and if you need an entire building you can use a blueprint to do it at scale. Idun Onboarding will help you with the end-to-end process.
  2. Data source. Identify suitable existing devices for your use case.
    (If needed, procurement and installation of complementary IoT devices are done by an external vendor in coordination with Idun.)
  3. Onboard Devices. A simple use case with just a few IoT devices can be set up manually and an entire legacy system can be onboarded using a taglist. Idun Onboarding engineers can do both quickly. To finally get going,  access for ProptechOS to connect to your devices is set up.
  4. Data from IoT devices, BIM, Building Management Systems and business functionalities are collected in ProptechOS. You are now ready to use ProptechOS.