Portfolio scale energy & power analytics

Understand your building’s energy efficiency and where in your portfolio the biggest improvements can be made. 

Fault detection review and performance review

Optimize offers advanced portfolio scale energy and power analytics with hourly data of heating, cooling and electricity per building and on portfolio level.

The application provides a holistic two-pronged review approach. Fault detection review shows when equipment malfunctions while performance review enables building managers to improve the power and energy footprint of already well-performing equipment. 

Pricing plan

Use cases supported by Optimize

Fault detection review

  • Find faulty equipment or settings in the portfolio
  • Find faulty programming in the portfolio

Performance review

  • Perform energy efficiency audits on building- and portfolio level
  • Validate completed refurbishment and optimization projects (pipes, insulation, programming etc.) 
  • Optimize inconsistent energy consumption
  • Inform peak shaving and load shifting strategies 
  • Utility tariff management and optimization  

Features of Optimize

Optimize Max Power

Max Power shows the peak hourly energy consumption in a month. It shows how evenly distributed the energy demand is across time, which can be used as input for peak shaving/load shifting strategies. Tracking the effects of implementing such strategies is also possible in Optimize.  

Optimize Flow

Optimize performance review shows the flow level, hourly or daily.   

Optimize Delta T

Optimize provides the hourly or daily value for delta T. Delta T is the difference in temperature between the supply and return temperature of district cooling. 

Optimize Chargeable Power

The Chargeable power feature provides a simulated energy usage with delta T set to 10 degrees Celsius. This feature sets delta T to 10 degrees Celsius. This feature enables monitoring the utility subscription plan for the portfolio and simulates the cost saving effect of implemented energy improvement measures in a given building or portfolio.

Power Data API

Optimize provides an API with power data which can be used to combine Optimize with your ERP system. The features of Optimize can be used individually or in combination with each other, showing their correlation across time.