Automated LEED Certification in Cooperation with ARC-USGBC

Automate LEED certifications and recertifications

Vasakronan, ProptechOS, and ARC (U.S. Green Building Council) have enabled a fully automated LEED-certification process enabled by Certify, a new app run on ProptechOS. The app was developed using RealEstateCore and a pilot batch of 29 buildings was successfully certified. Certify enables continuous data streaming of consumption levels of LEED building performance metrics which facilitates ongoing building performance tracking. 

We will show you how ProptechOS, Certify, ARC, and RealEstateCore are used together to automate certifications and recertifications of buildings. 


  • What data is needed to automate the LEED certification process
  • How building automation, IoT, energy collection, and administrative systems act together and integrate using RealEstateCore
  • How to reduce costs by automating certification processes – the business case for the Certify LEED app
  • How to increase the certification level of buildings faster – lessons learned
  • Spin-off effects – new use cases of collected data


Kaj Winther
Digitalization and Technical Development Manager
Erik Wallin
Chief Ecosystem Officer
Per Karlberg

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