ProptechOS and RealEstateCore – case Telefonplan

Get best practice tips from case Telefonplan

We will show you how RealEstateCore and ProptechOS is used with several suppliers at the Vasakronan property Telefonplan (an office building of 30.000 m2 in the southern part of Stockholm) – an amazing case of several actors in an ecosystem actually working together instead of being point solutions.


  • Why a common language (ontology) is essential to scale real estate portfolios
  • How the building automation system and third-party apps act together within an ecosystem
  • Why it is important that property owners get control over building data and services
  • How easy it is to integrate new systems and services using RealEstateCore
  • How value is created from several actors in a smart city ecosystem


Richard Petersson
Technology Area Manager
Erik Wallin
Chief Ecosystem Officer
Per Karlberg

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