How to Run Building Performance Optimization on Portfolio Scale

  How to lower your utility tariff

Watch how to run energy performance diagnosis for property portfolios using the ProptechOS Optimize application. See Vasakronan, one of Sweden’s largest property owners, pilot project with Optimize running on 50 buildings. The webinar discusses the findings of the pilot project and future use cases.

Vasakronan uses building data to analyze the energy efficiency on property portfolio level and diagnose errors such as broken equipment, wrongly programmed building automation systems and other energy efficiency issues. With ProptechOS Optimize it’s possible to do this on a large scale with minimal effort.

Oskar Häger, Technology Area Manager at Vasakronan, will show you how the first 50 buildings were connected and share the results and his takeaways.


  • Energy Optimization and Fault Detection 
  • Reducing subscription tariff
  • Energy optimization opportunities
  • Indoor Climate reports
  • Energy Report App


Oskar Häger
Technology Area Manager
Erik Wallin
Chief Ecosystem Officer

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