We are announcing that the RealEstateCore Consortium, Microsoft, and Idun Real Estate Solutions AB are aligning RealEstateCore to Microsoft’s open-source Smart Buildings Digital Twins Description Language (DTDL).

We are removing barriers and enabling fast and cost-effectively creation of digital twins for the real estate business. 

RealEstateCore is the common language used to model and control buildings, simplifying the development of new services. The ontology is rich and complete while providing simplicity and real-world applicability with proven industry solutions and partnerships. RealEstateCore precisely does not aim to be a new standard but instead provides a common denominator and bridge with other industry standards such as Brick, Project Haystack, and more.

The DTDL-based RealEstateCore ontology will accelerate developers from the “blank page” and facilitate business-to-business integrations between vendors in a smart building. Since the DTDL-based ontology will be open-sourced, developers can easily annotate existing models while contributing their own domain expertise.

RealEstateCore powers Idun’s ProptechOS and Azure Digital Twins. ProptechOS is the easiest way to get started using RealEstateCore to enable real estate owners to create a digital twin to analyze and optimizing sustainability, well-being, and productivity of their buildings.

A number of significant customers use ProptechOS at scales such as Vasakronan and YIT. Read the full article here. 


Read more at Microsoft’s blog here.