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Watch Brick-RECcon24 Brick Schema and RealEstateCore have been recognized for their capability to harmonize and interpret building data, facilitating a seamless integration of diverse building systems. This integration is not just technically beneficial but has become a strategic necessity for modern, commercial buildings, especially in the [...]

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Podcast – Smart Buildings Open APIs

Erik Wallin from ProptechOS and RealEstateCore the s*** you wish your building did podcast. About interoperability in the proptech society. It is necessary to have an application layer for your data on your buildings and all your system which we are doing with RealEstateCore. So if we were to [...]

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Watch our webinar on the potential of ProptechOS 

Based on RealEstateCore, ProptechOS is a SaaS that real estate owners can use to optimize and manage their property operations, develop applications for tenant services, manage the digital representation of their portfolio, and manage on-site edge technology.

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