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LEED Certificate: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

Environmental protection efforts are constantly jeopardized by increasing carbon emissions, plastic trash production, and underdeveloped infrastructure systems. As most of today's infrastructure designs are haphazard, planned out sustainable new construction is essential to finding a solution to these issues. To help solve these environmental issues, the U.S. Green Building Council [...]

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Building management systems: What a BMS is and how it works

Property owners are naturally interested in reducing operational costs and maximizing the safety and comfort of tenants. By connecting facility systems (using IoT technology) and controlling them from one place, building management systems can make for a smart building and enable property owners to find hidden opportunities. What are Building [...]

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Work with Real Estate Data efficiently

Investors watch their stocks and let market data inform their activity. Process engineers monitor machine feedback and respond to the data describing the state of the line. Even football managers now monitor movement and touches by their players, adjusting lineups and strategies based on data from the pitch. If you [...]

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ESG Green Buildings: Characteristics of Sustainable Housing

What are ESG green buildings? Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) green buildings are the idea of positively impacting the environment and others by investing money. Many companies are addressing climate change and social progress in architecture and design. This means that ESG refers to businesses using their buildings and spaces [...]

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Proptech: Smart Real Estate Technology

Digitalization has touched every sector of the modern world and the field of proptech is gaining momentum. Applying digital technology to Real Estate represents a huge opportunity to enhance how we invest, build, manage and improve buildings and property. Property technology can significantly boost users’ experience in their commercial and [...]

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RealEstateCore: The language for smart buildings

RealEstateCore is a standardized way of naming and categorizing real estate data, making it possible to use the information of different building systems with each other. It also enables standardized communication from different technical real estate and external IT systems. This creates opportunities for advanced data analysis, intelligent control, and the [...]

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The EU Taxonomy and its effect on PropTech

The EU Taxonomy is now becoming entrenched in the evaluation of financial investments across Europe. The Taxonomy itself is massive and complex. It consists of over 550 pages of committee-drafted language, nuanced and very “legal” in appearance. The EU green taxonomy aims at nothing less than a transformation of the [...]

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The buyer’s guide for a Building Operating System

The real estate industry, just like any other industry, must build its business on data to be able to meet the demands of the future tenants and be able to drive innovation and operational effectiveness. There are a number of areas where digitalization is critical for real estate businesses: Adapt [...]

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How to implement a Digital Twin Building Operating System for Real Estates

To drive business development, commercial real estate needs to implement a Building Operating System (BOS) based on standards that will make it easy to develop digital twins of their buildings.  This type of operating system (BOS) can open new possibilities for IT managers to support their focus on developing innovation [...]

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Data-driven Real Estate: Transform your Organization

There are no industries that can avoid the adjustment to become more data-driven to meet the demands of the consumers in the future. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that your commercial organization implements data-driven real estate decision-making to help drive innovation and effectiveness. There are several areas where digitalization [...]

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