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The EU Taxonomy and its effect on PropTech

The EU Taxonomy is now becoming entrenched in the evaluation of financial investments across Europe. The Taxonomy itself is massive and complex. It consists of over 550 pages of committee-drafted language, nuanced and very “legal” in appearance. The EU green taxonomy aims at nothing less than a transformation of the [...]

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The buyer’s guide for a Building Operating System

The real estate industry, just like any other industry, must build its business on data to be able to meet the demands of the future tenants and be able to drive innovation and operational effectiveness. There are a number of areas where digitalization is critical for real estate businesses: Adapt [...]

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Enabling data integration for commercial real estate

The development and use of data-driven applications need high-quality data. Still, the proper IT infrastructure is necessary to integrate and access the data to use the data. Without this, it is impossible to efficiently develop data-driven applications with all needed integrations to surrounding systems and data sources. Therefore, your organization [...]

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How to transition into a data-driven real estate organization

Even though we are in the midst of the digital era and the digitization of organizations has sped up in the last couple of years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, becoming a data-driven real estate organization is not an easy task. It won't happen overnight. The most significant challenge is [...]

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How to implement a Digital Twin Building Operating System for Real Estates

To drive business development, commercial real estate needs to implement a Building Operating System (BOS) based on standards that will make it easy to develop digital twins of their buildings.  This type of operating system (BOS) can open new possibilities for IT managers to support their focus on developing innovation [...]

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Data-driven Real Estate: Transform your Organization

There are no industries that can avoid the adjustment to become more data-driven to meet the demands of the consumers in the future. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that your commercial organization implements data-driven real estate decision-making to help drive innovation and effectiveness. There are several areas where digitalization [...]

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The Utilize Index

What is the utilization of my portfolio right now? Is a tenant in need of a bigger space, or already thinking of moving to a smaller one? How is this particular building used on Tuesday mornings compared to Fridays? Are we at the new post-pandemic normal yet? Presence and [...]

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A smart building integration and data flow in less than 72 hours

I am sure we can all agree that live reports are superior. After integrating smart building devices in many buildings, we can now understand the energy consumption and what we can do to use buildings more efficiently. But to make this a reality, we need to access the live data to make timely decisions, not making yearly predictions.

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W3C Building Topology Ontology and RealEstateCore official alignment

Building Topology Ontology provides detailed spatial information from BIM/IFC, while RealEstateCore adds language for facility maintenance, certification, and financial aspects etc. Valuable data flows more freely, formerly complicated system integrations become easier and more reliable, and building managers gain a consistent overview of building operations.

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How to establish a process to generate Automated LEED Certification

Today it requires operators to go out and manually read the sensor data from each individual building, but there is a new solution that allows the data to be in real-time and used to more than certification but also optimization. Idun ProptechOS analyses and collates all the sensor data automatically.

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