Are live reports better than yearly reports?

I am sure we can all agree that live reports are superior. After integrating smart building devices in many buildings, we can now understand the energy consumption and what we can do to use buildings more efficiently. But to make this a reality, we need to access the live data to make timely decisions, not making yearly predictions. 

A great example of turning a building into a data-driven structure in no time is transforming an apartment block in Hammarby Sjöstad in Stockholm city center with 200 apartments. Rickard Dahlstrand, president of the tenant-owner association Kringlan, works for Fastighetsdatalabbet (The Real Estate Data Lab) and wanted to apply the intelligence of a data-driven building to this brand-new residential block to optimize energy consumption. 

With that, the work started. Rickard Dahlstrand invited to a 1-day hackathon, including Joakim Eriksson from the Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE), Erik Wallin from Idun Real Estate Solutions, and many more. The preparations were to onboard the building in Hammarby Sjöstad to ProptechOS and started seeing a data flow. 

The onboarding included the following steps: 

  • Creation of a RealEstateCore digital twin of the building’s blueprints in ProptechOS.
  • Creation of a RealEstateCore digital twin of devices in the building in ProptechOS.
  • Connection of devices and other data sources from the Edge, using RealEstateCore connectors that transform and enable two-way communication to ProptechOS.
  • Setting up roles, groups, and policies to provide access for Apps to data in an intended way.

In the short time of 72 hours, the onboarding was completed, data started to generate, and the hackathon using the data, e.g., energy optimization, could begin. 

Joakim Eriksson was positively surprised that it was so easy to get data into Jupyter Notebooks from the building via the open RealEstateCore API. 

“We could, within less than a day, get graphs and dashboards developed in our favorite analytics tools”.

ProptechOS’s onboarding process and delivery enable developers to turn a real estate portfolio into a data-driven, optimized collection of buildings that can trust that no hidden issues pop up.

“I’m looking forward to start adding more apps. The next one will be an automatic energy optimization app,” says Rickard. “I can see the potential of small adjustments that will translate into huge savings.” 

“With the implementation of ProptechOS, we can now rest assured that we can see any issues that the building may have within the five-year warranty period.”

This challenge and experiment turned out to be a huge success and proves that you can implement a RealEstateCore solution such as ProptechOS and start seeing valuable data in a short period of time.