Digital Twins

Read the latest articles, insights, trends and news from ProptechOS about digital twins. Digital twins in real estate refer to a technology that involves creating a digital replica of a physical real estate asset, like a building or infrastructure. Digital twins combine data from various sources, including IoT sensors, building management systems, and environmental data. These systems can simulate scenarios and model the impact of different variables like changes in energy usage or occupancy patterns on a building’s performance.

Next-gen digital twin software for sustainable buildings

As the demand for smart, connected, and sustainable buildings continues to grow, digital twin technology can help property managers accommodate this new demand. It allows the creation of data-driven representations of a building. This enables data-driven decision-making that improves the overall efficiency of buildings and their assets. What is the [...]

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What’s a virtual twin? Bridging reality and the digital world

As we continue to innovate and push the boundaries of technology, the digital world becomes more capable of modeling a physical environment. The' virtual twin' is one concept at the forefront of this digital transformation.' This technology has the potential to make a substantial impact on commercial real estate. [...]

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Making your digital asset management more efficient

The use of digital twins is revolutionizing the way businesses approach asset lifecycle management. Early adopters see how digital twin technology can enable better decision-making, improve efficiency, and increase sustainability. Digital twins offer unprecedented insights into asset performance thanks to the power of real-time data and analytics. How do [...]

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