Operational Efficiency

The art of balancing investment decisions with the intrinsic value of their real estate assets is crucial. To ensure the profitability and logevity of real estate investments, optimizing operational processes is vital. This involves fine-tuning building systems to operate at their peak efficiency and ensuring maximum uptime. An optimized operational strategy not only minimizes downtime but also contributes to the overall valuation of the property.Read our latest articles and news from ProptechOS about operational efficiency.

The role of healthcare facilities management in modern society

Healthcare facilities management (HFM) is a critical and complex field that plays a pivotal role in ensuring that healthcare environments are safe, efficient, and conducive to facilitating high-quality patient care. As the backbone of healthcare institutions, HFM integrates a range of disciplines to manage the physical workspace, healthcare services, [...]

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Building management systems: What a BMS is and how it works

Property owners strive to minimize operational expenses and ensure tenant safety and comfort. By connecting facility systems (IoT technology) and controlling them from one place, building management systems can make for a smart building and enable property owners to find hidden opportunities. What is Building management systems (BMS)? Building management [...]

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Predictive maintenance software: Enter the new era of building care

In an age where technology is reshaping every facet of business, commercial real estate (CRE) is experiencing a paradigm shift in building management. The introduction of predictive maintenance software represents a significant milestone in this transformation, offering a sophisticated approach to facility management that transcends traditional methods. By integrating [...]

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Essential guide to successful commercial property management

Effective property management can make the difference between a thriving business hub and a vacant building. It’s the difference between running a property with a neverending barrage of complaints and completely satisfied tenants. But it’s a lot more than just a routine checklist. It’s an art that balances the immediate [...]

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Efficient work order management: Excelling in commercial Real Estate

Property managers face immense pressure to deliver exceptional service and optimize operations. With multiple properties and limited resources, efficiently managing maintenance and work requests on all properties is a complex balancing act. However, an organized work order management process creates a foundation for property management teams to excel. What [...]

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Building optimization: Boosting performance & sustainability

The optimization of commercial real estate buildings has become an essential practice, driven by the dual needs for enhanced performance and sustainability. Stakeholders demand that commercial real estate buildings meet these objectives as tenants, investors, and regulators demand efficiency and environmental responsibility. What is Building Optimization? Building optimization is the [...]

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Automating fault detection and diagnostics in facility management

With the criticality and increasing complexity of infrastructure systems in commercial buildings, manual monitoring becomes both inefficient and error-prone. Automating fault detection and diagnostics addresses these challenges directly. It enables real-time, continuous monitoring of building systems to minimize the risks of system failures by identifying issues before they escalate. [...]

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What is CAFM? Computer-aided facility management explained

With the massive technological advancements throughout recent years, adopting digital tools has become a necessity rather than a luxury. Computer-aided facility management is at the heart of this digital adoption in the facilities management sector. This software solution digitizes facility management processes to streamline workflows and optimize facility efficiency. [...]

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Future of facilities management: Key trends & insights

Facilities management is an integral component of businesses worldwide. It ensures the built environment's functionality, comfort, safety, and efficiency. But like any other industry, it is not immune to changes. The future of facilities management is brimming with advancements and trends, lighting the path towards a more efficient and sustainable [...]

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Digital Operations Platform: Transforming your real estate

In the ever-evolving commercial real estate landscape, a digital operations platform can be the game-changer that propels your business toward increased efficiency and profitability. But what exactly is a digital operations platform, and how does it integrate into your current real estate portfolio? What is a digital operations platform? [...]

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