Let us tell you about the ProptechOS Partner Program, it was created by and for the real estate industry using the open standard RealEstateCore. The program unlocks business value from the generated data with the help of new applications in combination with the ProptechOS platform from Idun.

ProptechOS Partner Program

The results are improved customer experience and more efficient operations using data. This will open up for generating more revenue and drive down OPEX for real estate owners.

Our partner program is created to enable reliable, safe, and the best possible service for the real estate industry. Partner applications and integrations to edge systems, made by ProptechOS partners are prepared and ready to buy, install, and run with your ProptechOS installation with little effort.

ProptechOS is the easiest and most efficient way to use RealEstateCore. ProptechOS Partners are ready to connect their solutions seamlessly and ready to unlock other parts of the RealEstateCore ecosystem.

By becoming a ProptechOS Partner, you join the RealEstateCore ecosystem

Idun Real Estate founded RealEstateCore to drive the standard for ontologies for buildings within the framework of the RealEstateCore Consortium. As a ProptechOS partner, it guarantees that your product(s) is based on standards specified within RealEstateCore Consortium and that the products work effectively with ProptechOS.

As a ProptechOS partner, you will be able to focus on your key value contribution for the customer and leverage the ProptechOS platform for the basics. Focus on what you do well and exceed expectations. Idun will provide technical developer support for how a Partner integrates its product(s) with ProptechOS. This allows for easy integration and efficient use of your application.

It makes it easy for Idun’s customers who invest in ProptechOS to quickly, cost-effectively, and safely create new business values ​​based on a large number of applications.

Do you want to know more? 

Join us for our webinar where Erik and Per will walk you through the ProptechOS Partner program. Introduce you to one of our groundbreakers, Flowscape, and discuss an active case we are working on together. We will also talk about the certification process, the guidelines, and how the ProptechOS Partner program will introduce opportunities for everyone involved. 

Dr. Erik Wallin

Chief Ecosystem Officer, and founder of ProptechOS and RealEstateCore is recognized as a leader in Building Operating Systems (BOS) and making the buildings of the world smarter. He holds an MSc and a Ph.D. in Media and Computer Science from KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

Read his full bio and information here.