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Application partners read data from ProptechOS. With real time sensor telemetry, historical data or information from the knowledge graph, their applications serve users or perform silent automatic optimization. Application partners can also control buildings via ProptechOS.


Partners can provision Buildings and create RealEstateCore digital twins in ProptechOS. They can also improve the entities already in the knowledge graph. Similarly, partners can provision Devices, either creating single IoT sensors, or by onboarding whole Building Management Systems in ProptechOS.


Edge partners can send Sensor telemetry, act as device gateways or Actuators that can be controlled. Edge systems provide ProptechOS with data and edge connectivity to IoT Sensors, external data sources or building systems like a BMS or SCADA.

The application can consume and make sense of data via the ProptechOS RealEstateCore API.

The application can control edge systems via the ProptechOS RealEstateCore API.

An application that can create RealEstateCore digital twins for Devices.
E.g. representing a BMS system or a set of IoT Devices in RealEstateCore

The application that can create RealEstateCore digital twins for Buildings, or their parent or child objects like Real Estate or Room.

The system can provide correct RealEstateCore Observation data via the ProptechOS edge interface.

The system can be controlled via the RealEstateCore edge interface.
It can receive Actuation command messages, perform an actuation and return an Actuation command response message.

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More about the current partners:

ClimaCheck offers total solutions for performance inspections, analysis and monitoring of heat pumps, air conditioning and cooling compressors.

The ClimaCheck method enables property owners, contractors, consultants or manufacturers to analyze and evaluate all types of cooling systems. ClimaCheck’s analytics method is based on several measuring points and algorithms. The data is recorded and evaluated by the ClimaCheck Performance Analyser and provides a holistic picture of equipment performance and what adjustments can be made to increase energy efficiency. With The ClimaCheck Method – a proven, tested and award-winning method, you can measure the performance of air-conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump systems in a cost-effective manner.


If we are to achieve the goal of a fossil-free future within a generation with an entirely electric, robust infrastructure, we must rethink fast!

Idun ProptechOS now welcomes Entelios, an electricity market player thinking in a new direction to make electricity users more competitive, where power flexibility markets can contribute to both system utility and network utility.

Entelios works with its customers on concrete measures to reduce customers’ emissions, energy, and power costs while enabling their customers to create new revenue streams in local and national marketplaces.

Sweden is to phase out nuclear power, which will be replaced by wind and solar power. To ensure a stable power network, flexibility services are needed on both the production and consumption sides.

“Flexibility markets make it possible for the green shift, and our customers contribute to that,” says Mattias Harrysson, Sales Manager, Energy & Sustainability Services Nordics.


Entelios acts as a so-called market aggregator. Their customers refrain from using power, the customers’ power then gathers, and Entelios collects it into a larger power offer that they sell on sthlmflex. The limit for being able to participate in sthlmflex is 100 kW, so thanks to Entelios being able to take care of several customers’ power contributions, even smaller power reductions can be of great importance in solving strained situations in the electricity grid.

Available to the Real Estate Industry

Through the integration with ProptechOS, a new business opportunity is available to property owners. Entelios gets access to optimize the customer’s electricity costs more actively and generate income from various flexibility markets. In addition to reducing energy costs, it also provides a strengthened innovation and sustainability profile for our customers, says Mattias Harrysson.

Read more about Entelios here.


We give you a safe project procedure through our technical expertise. Our wish is to be involved at an early stage and thus support you in the entire project. With everything from functions to product selection to ensure optimal functions and safe implementation. We offer help throughout the process with everything from design, programming commissioning to finished function.

Our main focus is field-level automation with open standardized control systems. We help property owners who want a cost-effective and easy-care property with satisfied users. We do this by giving them an open technical solution. Unlike a supplier-dependent solution, we give them an open, future-proof standardized solution that can be exposed to competition at all levels.


The “Field Level Multi-Connector” enables data harvesting for ProptechOS from a multitude of devices/sensors using DALI, KNX, Modbus, OPC UA, Bacnet, and more.

Utilize the integrated CODESYS Logic Controller for decentralized calculations and data manipulation and two-way communication with ProptechOS.

The Logic Controller comes in several form factors – DIN-rail mount or panel mount as a Controller with Integrated HMI for decentralized data representation and user interaction.

For more information:

Estate Logs optimize property maintenance by capturing all activities in and around the property. Estate Logs analyses the data to identify and reduce inefficiencies dramatically reducing cost. The EstateLogs system combines data from hundreds of different sources and compiles an optimized maintenance workflow for your property. This allows you to significantly reduce maintenance costs while increasing your property’s value.

Product description

Actionable insights

Estate Logs’ dashboard gives you overview of everything that is going on in your properties. It makes it easy to manage property data, update maintenance schedules, action service requests, and generate detailed reports.

Happy tenants

Your tenants are very important and a key part of the experience is the timely communication around faults and service requests. Estate Logs have built a modern, flexible and easy to use tenant portal that makes it easy to report, follow and have a dialogue around any issue the tenant might have. It increases tenant satisfaction and allows you to capture and organise the workflow efficiently.

Property maintenance

The property technician works in an app that is available for both Android and iPhone. All tasks, documentation such as schematics and instructions are immediately available as and when they need it. Service requests and direct communication is handled through the app.

Service automation

Use sensor data (occupancy, images detection) and alarms from ProptechOS to generate service orders and notifications such as:

  • Cleaning on-demand
  • Garbage collection routines
  • Fire prevention (detect hazardous material, blocking of emergency exits, missing fire extinguishers)
  • Water leakage detection
  • Filter maintenance
  • Daily routine inspections
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eSys products

eSys Solutions Sweden AB makes products for building automation and energy management systems. The ePort product line currently has support for reporting data to ProptechOS in RealEstateCore format.


  • ePort – MBus
    Advanced communication gateway for gathering and visualization of data from MBus meters. Data can also be transmitted to different types of systems (for example ProptechOS) depending on the customer requirements.
  • eWay – MBus
    Communication gateway for conversion of data from MBus to BACnet/ModBus.
  • eWay – API Link
    Communication gateway for conversion of data from different types of web services to BACnet/ModBus.

For more information:

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The flextools platform enables flexible assets to be traded in both regional markets and TSO markets. This opens up for a new revenue stream for buildings, especially those with large power consumption. When offering flexibility in flex markets through flextools volume, the marginal cost for activation and availability is set. Then it is up to the TSO or DSO to accept the bid. As well as flex market integration, flextools can also provide alerts when energy costs are high.

flextools connects directly to ProptechOS by using RealEstateCore API that connects the buildings to flex markets. Using data from ProptechOS, flextoolsTM can enhance the forecast and place bids in the flexibility markets with higher precision.

Find out more about us at:

Flowity makes products for people counting and presence detection. Flowity provides presence data to ProptechOS to be used for reporting and visualization in RealEstateCore format. Data is generated to be consumed in the customer’s system (e.g business analytics).


  • Occupancy estimator
    People counter heat maps
  • Queue Counter
    Measures length and waiting time
  • Retail/Space Analytics
    Footfall, dwell time, paths, sociodemographics heat maps
  • Outdoor Space Analytics
    People movement
    Social Distancing Metrics
  • Safety First
    Usage of protective garments analytics

For more information:

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Flowscape makes products that increase efficiency for office workers as well as optimize space utilization. They delivers solutions for room booking, desk management, equipment finder, colleague finder, failure reporting, messaging, wayfinding and workplace analytics.

By releasing the full potential of modern offices by reducing friction. Visualize and schedule your meeting rooms, office spaces and resources with unmatched simplicity and ease of use. Flowscape Technology is the happy marriage between the companies Flowscape and Crowdsoft Technology and was registered on Spotlight Stock Market in 2016.

At the core of our company, you find world-leading technology know-how. But frankly. We know that it is not about technology. It is not about impressive specs or advanced algorithms. It’s about the comprehension that everybody wants to do a good job and not waste time on things that shouldn’t take time. And that we all long for connection and collaboration, whether physical or digital. Flowscape exists to reduce time-wasting and tear down barriers for interaction. To create secured communication adapted to the world of today. And more than anything, to make employees around the world love working at modern offices.

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The Granlund Manager is a cloud-based property maintenance and energy management software. It is a mobile first modular software which can be scaled and configured to suit all organisations, properties and portfolios. Granlund Manager’s maintenance module gives full visibility of building assets and the maintenance actions related to them and includes preventive maintenance and assigning, sending and monitoring the status of maintenance tasks. The maintenance module is fully compatible with RealEstateCore and leverages ProptechOS to perform service requests, asset maintenance and maintenance notes.

GreenView is a web-based property management system created by Greencon. The system provides customized solutions to handle property information such as component data, inspections, and energy data.

GreenView can be used with ProptechOS acting as a provider of energy data, which can be used for LEED certification.

For more information: GreenView

Powerful and scalable tools for the overall control of building technology

The dependable and reliable Larmia building automation system guarantees a long life cycle for buildings of all types and sizes. Our concept is based on a single system that can be optimally managed. Based on open interfaces, our system forms an easy-to-manage, compatible, and energy-efficient building technology solution. Larmia’s reliable and cost-effective system solution demonstrates the advanced nature of Nordic product development and project know-how.

The Larmia production suite contains SCADA-systems solution, Avalon PLC, and Carbon I/O-units.

ProptechOS integration

Edge Sensor and Edge Actuator

Larmia connects directly to the ProptechOS-system using RealEstateCore messages.

By selecting the desired data points (i.e. “tags”) the full capability to send data from the building as well as control setpoints and actuators in the building is achieved.

Larmia can receive Actuation command messages, perform an actuation and return an Actuation command response message.

Device Provisioning

Larmia can create RealEstateCore digital twins for Devices (i.e. “tags” in the Larmia EVO system) in ProptechOS.

This makes onboarding and changes highly automated and cost efficient.

For more information visit their website. 

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Lindinvent does demand-controlled indoor climate, lighting, and sun shading to maximize tenant productivity and experience and minimize energy usage. The tools for this are unique technology leading actuators like active diffusers with multiple sensors, wireless and energy harvesting technology, and IT for app & web interfaces with easy and intuitive user interaction. With the goal of reducing the carbon footprint of offices, healthcare, and educational buildings few stones are left unturned

For more information: Lindinvent

Lummelunda provides solutions and products to the ProptechOS eco system with focus on IoT-based PropTech solutions. The LEED product is to automate the CO2 and TVOC measurements of the LEED certification and give continuous, every 10 minutes, measurements. We have other products that are integrated in PoC, examples are: Indoor Climate, Energy Optimization, Presence and more will be added. We are open to discuss your projects if you have a need for integrating new measurements.


  • LEED certification automation

    We automate the process of measuring CO2 and TVOC. We support automated measurement for water, heating, electricity and waste if needed.

  • Indoor Climate

    Measures Temperature, Humidity, Light, CO2, TVOC, Presence, Sound, PM and constantly add more relevant measurements.

  • Presence

    With selected sensors and partners we have solutions for Area management with specific focus on people flow, people count, Footfall and Retail specific solutions.

  • Energy optimization

    With selected sensors and partners we have solutions for reducing energy consumption and improving indoor climate.

Lummelunda help companies reduce their climate impact while creating a better environment for their tenants. For more information visit their website

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Most organisations face the problem of the increasing amount of data that arises from more meters and sensors installed in our buildings. An ideal architecture is one that allows companies to capitalise on all of that data.

Metry collect, quality assure and structure all energy-related data, regardless of data source. All data from utility companies, tennants, building automation systems and renewable energy sources is collected to a web service where the data is washed and structured to be used in third party applications. Metry makes sure that all energy data is quality assured and that all your applications have uniform access to the data.


  • Utility Energy data
    • Collect energy data independent from utility companies.
    • Substantial international coverage of utility companies.
    • Including all energy types (Electricity, gas, heat, district heating, water (hot/cold), temperature and more).
  • Utility Cost data
    • Automatic collection of cost data from your energy bill.
    • All different cost items from the bill are collected.
    • Structure data in categories or use the raw cost items in your applications.
  • Sub meters (building automation, renewable energy sources, charging stations)
    • Individual metering and invoicing as a service

Product pricing

Metry is offered as a subscription paid per meter and month. All prices are available on the webpage following this link

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Multisoft delivers adaptable, integrated and automated system solutions that can consume data from ProptechOS, analyze it and perform actuations if necessary, covering administrative and maintenance tasks at property owner sites.

By leveraging the self-developed low-code platform Softadmin®, Multisoft is also able to tailor system deliveries with speed and ease. The solutions can, in turn, be seamlesssly integrated with other systems as needed and comes with powerful automation possibilities.

Myrspoven products

It has become increasingly important for property owners and asset managers to control and streamline their properties’ energy use. The technology is developing rapidly, and in recent years, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning have become an accepted area of ​​service to optimize their energy use efficiently.

Myrspoven has, for the last couple of years, built software applications that create unique AI models that enable the property to achieve self-learning operational optimization. We can adapt an intelligent system for the property through a direct connection to existing BMS systems and overlaying networks such as IDUN, which automates operational control. Myrspovens AI optimizes for the right indoor climate at the absolute lowest cost.

Controlling HVAC

  • Supply / Return temp sensor
  • Heating curve (regardless of the number of points)
  • Cooling circuit  
  • Pressure sensor on supply/return 
  • Heat meter per heating circuit 
  • Supply air / Exhaust air temp sensor / Supply air / Exhaust air pressure 
  • Fan with Frequency converter / Pressure control 
  • Electricity meter in the control cabinet 
  • Indoor temperature sensor CO2
  • CO2-sensor
  • CO-sensor (garage)

 Harvesting data 

  • Outdoor temp sensor 
  • Weather station 
  • Energy tariffs
  • Social data (working day, weekday, month, and time)
  • Any open-source data available that might improve the models’ predictive power will be included. 

AI and Optimization 

Thanks to AI and machine learning, we can optimize based on cost-connection and indoor climate. Building BMS-system gets new signals every 15 minutes, every day.

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Netmore Propnet solutions offers a secure and future proof connected digital infrastructure for real estate portfolios. Enabling an open property network, that support all use-cases and all applications, under full control of the property owner. A Propnet is stablished either through a Proptech Node – a solution that consolidates and manages all connectivity needs for each property, or through a LoRaWAN network, which enables connectivity for wireless LoRa IOT-sensors and meters, e.g., suitable for energy management and indoor climate use-cases.

Netmore can now use RealEstateCore to describe property data and leverages ProptechOS to onboard specific applications and devices, when implementing a new Propnet in a property.

Nordomatic’s Smart Cloud includes several products for cloud services, within building automation.

Styrportalen®, a Nordomatic Smart Cloud app, is a SCADA solution that since the introduction in 2005, has integrated over thousands of buildings. In an IT-secure and cost-effective manner you can now improve and refine your buildings and add more Smart Cloud functions such as Office Applications, smart sensors, energy optimization and much more.

Through the integration with ProptechOS, Nordomatic Smart Cloud enables ProptechOS users to monitor their property portfolio in a secure and easily accessible way.

Optiqo offers digital system solutions to optimize the service and maintenance of your properties. The system enables quality control, validation of the service performed and visualizes the completed actions to your visitors. Thanks to AI and IoT, real time statistics on visitor traffic and when any form of service is performed can be easily accessible. By converting such collected data into actionable statistics and insights, you can plan your service frequencies based on the actual need, and in turn, increasing cost efficiency as well as visitor satisfaction.

Optiqo QlvrBox and Optiqo QlvrTrack provide real-time analytics and insights to help you ensure consistent quality over time. With Optiqo QlvrBox, you can measure footflow and display the last cleaning time, while Optiqo QlvrTrack provides cleaning staff with a simple tool to track foot flow. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, Optiqo has the perfect solutions for you.

Sally R is developing smart ventilation and air treatment technology that improves air quality and decreases the energy consumption of commercial real estate buildings, with the vision that everyone should breathe good air. For more information visit their website

ADA optimization software for air handling units

ADA is a cloud-based optimization software for air handling units in commercial buildings. The main principle of ADA is to be a solution to a non-linear optimization problem that guarantees a predefined indoor air quality at the lowest possible energy consumption, by controlling the air handling unit(s) (AHU) of a building.

ADA provides, in short:

  • Significantly lowered energy consumption
  • Good indoor air quality
  • Valuable information such as building occupancy and energy consumption readings

The performance of ADA is confirmed by case studies on several buildings using the software showing annual energy savings on 30-55%. Beside the energy saving the customers also gave reports of a comfortable indoor climate and praised the visualized data showing real-time and average occupancy of the buildings.

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EcoStruxure™ is Schneider Electric’s open, interoperable, IoT-enabled system architecture and platform that now supports native RealEstateCore connectivity. It delivers enhanced value around safety, reliability, efficiency, sustainability, and connectivity for our customers. EcoStruxure leverages advancements in IoT, mobility, sensing, cloud, analytics, and cybersecurity to deliver Innovation at Every Level. This includes Connected Products, Edge Control, and Apps, Analytics & Services which are supported by Customer Lifecycle Software. EcoStruxure has been deployed in almost 500,000 sites with the support of 20,000+ developers, 650,000 service providers and partners, 3,000 utilities and connects over 2 million assets under management.

EcoStruxure™ Building Operation is an open, scalable and data-centric building management platform. It provides seamless integration, visibility and control across all building systems and subsystems in a single view to unlock data insights from sensors, connected devices and systems to deliver actionable insights. The result is energy- and operationally-efficient and sustainable buildings that maximize occupant comfort and well-being. Designed with cybersecurity in mind, EcoStruxure Building Operation is an end-to-end IP solution that enables accessibility to AI and cloud-based services.

Read more about Schneider Electric & EcoStruxure™

Navigator is Siemens’ cloud-based energy and asset management platform with a set of service offerings for property management. Navigator automates data discovery and acquisition from internal and external systems producing actionable intelligence regarding asset health, maintenance practices, and building performance.

Desigo CC is a building management system that enables cooperation between property automation, alarms, and indoor climate regulation.

Through the RealEstateCore integration with ProptechOS, Siemens enables ProptechOS users to monitor their property portfolio in a secure and easily accessible way.

Smarten Spaces using ProptechOS

Smarten Spaces collaborate with Idun Real Estate to provide Smart Digital use cases through the integration with sensor data for space management and occupancy analytics.  

Smarten Spaces introduction

Founded in 2017, Smarten Spaces offers an end-to-end solution for workplace safety and flexibility on a single technology platform to help businesses navigate to the new hybrid workplace. By bringing together the workforce and workplace considerations, the technology includes four key aspects – Desk Management, Workforce Rostering, Demand and Supply, Expenses & Chargeback, and Asset Management.


For more information:

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