From day one, when Vasakronan implemented ProptechOS, the goal has always been to optimize their buildings within a range of business-critical areas,  sustainability, well-being, productivity, and cost savings. Now they can see the results and they are above expectations. 

Nicklas Walldan, CTO at Vasakronan, looked back on 2020 and told us that he learned a lot by developing ProptechOS Energy Reports based on the MS Azure platform. 

The energy report says it all

In Vasakronan’s property Kista Science Tower, the potential of decreasing the subscribed power of district cooling due to the energy reports was 30 %. At the end of 2020, we could see that we decreased by an additional 6 % (total of 36%). That meant a total of 200 000 SEK/year in cost savings. Nicklas says that “We are thrilled to follow this as we scale this application up in the rest of the portfolio.”. 

By optimizing the buildings’ energy systems in the vast majority of our properties in Stockholm (fixing faults discovered by the Energy Reports and continuous optimizing work), we could decrease both the subscribed power of district cooling and district heating by 10 %. That would save Vasakronan 6 MSEK/year starting this year already. So far, the generated reports have great potential!

Sthlm Flex is the next step

We can see even more opportunities in controlling the use of power in buildings in the future. We now participate in a test marketplace during 2021 for peak shaving in our community together with three utility companies and organizations. Three of our buildings in Stockholm are connected to Sthlm Flex, a marketplace for demand/response of electricity power. 

Nicklas finishes up by telling us that he sees great potential in creating digital twins and unlocking more data from our closed systems for new analysis and applications as we grow in our learnings.

Today Vasakronan is Sweden’s largest real estate company with a portfolio comprising close to 200 commercial properties in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, and Uppsala. The company is also a sustainability frontrunner, currently ranked in the top 15 in the world, according to the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB). Read an article on how Microsoft Azure Digital Twins, RealEstateCore, and Idun ProptechOS are strategic partners.