ProptechOS (Idun Real Estate AB) and ClimaCheck AB have received a strategic order from dena, the German Energy Agency (Deutsche Energie-Agentur), to develop and verify a benchmarking platform for air conditioning, refrigeration, and heat pump systems. The contract is worth over 5 MSEK (€0,46M).

Dena has selected the companies for a project to test analysis and benchmarking platforms for cooling systems.

Urgent need for energy improvements in Europe

The EU Commission has proposed the Member States reduce overall electricity demand by at least 10% until 31 March 2023 to reduce the stress on the energy supply. Current crises such as the Ukraine war, but also the decades-old problem of climate catastrophe, make projects such as this increasingly urgent.

ProptechOS and ClimaCheck will improve energy efficiency for small and medium enterprises (SME)

Dena states that SMEs in particular do not take advantage of opportunities to improve their energy efficiency through digitalization, despite being aware of them. Cost savings on the other hand are more often the main reason for increased focus on digitalization. Energy efficiency has so far been welcomed as a side effect, but not the decisive factor. Through the upcoming project, dena hopes to exploit the enormous potential of the sector and to make clear to market participants the many benefits of energy optimization.

Energy Efficiency in Industry 4.0

Dena was commissioned by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection (BMWK) to implement the “Digitalization Projects in the Energy Sector 2020-2024 as part of the Corona Economic Stimulus Package”.

The associated work package “Piloting Industry 4.0 and Energy Efficiency – Performance Indicator (EnPI) and Analysis Platforms for SMEs” is an approach to reduce energy consumption in manufacturing and Industry 4.0 technologies.

The drastically increased energy prices have affected small and medium-sized enterprises that are suffering, as their margins are smaller and savings potentials have not yet been exhausted.

Dena’s target for the winners ProptechOS and ClimaCheck is to develop a cost-effective data analysis tool to increase energy efficiency for SMEs.

The scope of the project is to establish the best Energy Performance Indicators (EnPI)

ClimaCheck and ProptechOS are contracted by dena within the framework of the project. The German Energy Agency accompanies the procedure in terms of content as the overarching stakeholder and project management agency. Applicable companies that already use suitable refrigeration systems are identified by ClimaCheck and integrated into the project as cooperation partners. At least ten plants are to be integrated into the web-based analysis and benchmarking platform to be developed to establish the best Energy Performance Indicators (EnPI).

About the solution from ClimaCheck and ProptechOS

ClimaCheck, as a pioneer in the field of cooling optimization, is at the forefront of energy improvements.

The Head of Research at ClimaCheck, Klas Berglöf, commented “That dena selected ClimaCheck as the winner of the contract is a recognition of many years of hard work to drive documentation of performance as a key for optimization. ClimaCheck is monitoring thousands of plants globally but the industry is still not actively driving performance analyses as the equipment owners in general lack the technical knowledge to demand documentation. The dena project will be a game changer as it recognizes the importance of monitoring and establishing Energy Performance Indicators also in cooling processes that use 20% of global electricity.”

The German partner of ClimaCheck, Holger Kühl (owner of KühlAnalyse), commented: “I am of course happy winning the contract, as it once again distinguishes us as a strategic partner in the field of refrigeration and optimization on the market. Furthermore, I am now focusing on the opportunities this will bring, not only to us but also to the participating companies, to jointly prepare the energy sector for future challenges.”

The deal has been secured in collaboration with ProptechOS which is an operating system for real estate. ProptechOS is a market leader in supplying state-of-the-art cloud-based platforms for handling the increased number of sensors in buildings in accordance with the new RealEstateCore standard. The ProptechOS platform facilitates secure interconnectivity between the equipment and analytical tools regardless of supplier. Read more at

Dr. Erik Wallin, the Chief Ecosystem Officer commented: “This recognition is a breakthrough deal on the German market and it shows that ProptechOS has many types of usages, many of them in energy saving.”

Interested companies are invited to contact Holger Kühl, Klas Berglöf, or Dr. Erik Wallin at the addresses below for more information or potential participation.


Dipl. Ing. Refrigeration, Holger Kühl
At the brewery 73
08412 Werdau OT: Steinpleis, Germany
Phone: +49 151 2060 44 72
Mail: [email protected]

Head of R&D, Klas Berglöf
Gamla Värmdövägen 6 floor 3
131 37 Nacka, Sweden
Phone: ‭+46 70-594 95 52‬
Mail: [email protected]

Dr. Erik Wallin, Chief Ecosystem Officer
Nybrogatan 8
114 34 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: +46 70 412 49 00

Mail: [email protected]

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