Work with Real Estate Data efficiently

Investors watch their stocks and let market data inform their activity. Process engineers monitor machine feedback and respond to the data describing the state of the line. Even football managers now monitor movement and touches by their players, adjusting lineups and strategies based on data from the pitch. If [...]

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Data-driven Real Estate: Transform your Organization

There are no industries that can avoid the adjustment to become more data-driven to meet the demands of the consumers in the future. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that your commercial organization implements data-driven real estate decision-making to help drive innovation and effectiveness. There are several areas where [...]

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The Utilize Index

What is the utilization of my portfolio right now? Is a tenant in need of a bigger space, or already thinking of moving to a smaller one? How is this particular building used on Tuesday mornings compared to Fridays? Are we at the new post-pandemic normal yet? Presence and [...]

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