Create a smart building

by unlocking the data

The challenges of creating a smart building

Most modern buildings are already packed with smart potential. Designed with sensor-rich environments, a majority can run more efficiently and sustainably than ever before while responding in real-time to the needs of inhabitants. However, unlocking these benefits and becoming a real smart building, isn’t as straightforward as pushing a power button.

Besides eliminating the roadblock of data ownership, to realize smart-building benefits property owners need to address an essential communication issue. With various building systems are operating in silos, solving tasks independently within their systems and building data models, valuable data cannot be combined or exchanged machine-to-machine or building-to-building. But carrying out the integrations needed to enable smart building benefits, is an expensive and time-consuming job. And the costs only multiply every time something changes in the underlying system or the amount of data increases.

The possibilities of ProptechOS and the RealEstateCore ecosystem

A webinar were we introduce you to a smart real estate project by Vasakronan at Telefonplan.

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Unlocking smart building value

Everything clicks into place when Brick Schema and RealEstateCore work in concert. Valuable data flows more freely, formerly complicated system integrations become easier and more reliable, and building managers gain a consistent overview of building operations. And, of course, this means that smart building benefits become far more accessible—both now and in the future, as the possibilities continue to grow.

We will show you how RealEstateCore and Idun ProptechOS is used together with several suppliers at the Vasakronan property Telefonplan (an office building of 30.000 m2 in the southern part of Stockholm) – an amazing case of several actors in an ecosystem working together instead of being point solutions.

Inspiring Smart Buildings