Stockholm, November 28, 2023 – Software company Idun has developed ProptechOS, an operating system for building data, in close collaboration with key players in the real estate industry. Notably with Vasakronan as a key client and investor. ProptechOS is now entering its next phase, and today announced the closure of a round of funding led by Software-as-a-Service investor Partinc.

ProptechOS has been on the market since 2019 and boasts users in Sweden, the United States, Germany, Norway, Denmark and Finland. The real estate industry is only beginning to embrace digitalization, which holds immense potential for optimizing resource usage across various domains, such as energy consumption, operations, and utilization while enhancing client experiences. Access to data and the ability to scale solutions cost-effectively are crucial in this development.

“Until now, we have collaborated with our clients to develop ProptechOS into a useful product, following the principles of other cloud platforms. Almost all our clients are rapidly transitioning from pilot to wide production. This makes it the right time to introduce new shareholders, and Partinc brings impressive expertise in scaling SaaS companies internationally” says Per Karlberg, co-founder and CEO of Idun.

ProptechOS is a SaaS platform built on the open standard RealEstateCore, facilitating the integration of all applications within the PropTech world. This ensures property owners are future-proofed, as they only need to build a single integration with ProptechOS, rather than integrating each application with every individual system in their properties. Furthermore, the platform makes it cost-effective to add, improve, or replace PropTech solutions at scale.

“Growing ProptechOS in collaboration with the company’s founders and Vasakronan will be immensely intriguing. We see significant potential in ProptechOS’s offerings, given that the market is virtually limitless. Additionally, it is great that Partinc, through ProptechOS, can contribute to reducing environmental impact in the real estate industry, one of the world’s largest industries,” concludes Per Nordling, founder and partner at Partinc.

Contact Information:

Per Karlberg, Founder and CEO at ProptechOS (Idun Real Estate Solutions AB)
Email: [email protected], Phone: +46(0)704-93 23 61

Per Nordling, Founder and Partner at Partinc
Email: [email protected], Phone: +46(0)733-50 79 21

About ProptechOS:

ProptechOS IoT platform collects real-time data from building management systems, BIM, business data, and IoT devices, harmonizes it, contextualizes it, and makes it available to building owners, building operators, facility managers, and end users. The platform allows for the use of PropTech apps on buildings for optimization purposes and is configured to scale with your growth using ProptechOS’ application ecosystem. ProptechOS optimizes energy use, presence analytics, environmental certification, predictive maintenance, and other innovative use cases.

About Partinc:

Partinc is a European investment firm specializing in SaaS companies that offer software services within the B2B segment. As an active investor, Partinc works closely with its portfolio companies, primarily in the Nordic and Benelux countries. The company maintains offices in Sweden and the Netherlands. For more information, visit:

For other media inquiries, contact:

Dr. Erik Wallin, Chief Ecosystem Officer
Nybrogatan 8
114 34 Stockholm, Sweden

Phone: +46 70 412 49 00
Mail: [email protected]

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