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We introduce you to the ProptechOS Partner Program – Join the program

The ProptechOS partner program delivers new business value for the real estate industry.

Idun launched the ProptechOS partner program in October 2020. In this recorded webinar, you will learn how the PropotechOS partner program will make it possible for the real estate industry to unlock value out of data and meet the modern tenant’s demands.


For industrial scale implementation, the real estate owners must utilize modern proptech applications in combinations with an integration platform like ProptechOS based on the RealEstateCore standard. The partner program will make it possible to implement new applications fast at a low cost. The implementation of different types of applications in combination will open up for new synergies that further increase the business value event.

During this webinar, you will learn more about:

  • The ProptechOS platform
  • The different types of partners that the program will consist of
  • How partners can enroll
  • Solutions that have already been efficiently rolled out together with real estate owners
  • The different solutions that our current partners have developed
  • Partner solutions that soon will be certified and available for real estate owners to implement

We welcome you to watch the webinar where we introduce you to:

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