In this release

This is a minor release containing updated format of API request parameters and inclusion of more data to API responses.

New functionality

Properties Source and Comment

All axioms in ProptechOS have source and comment properties. Previously, they were available in PUT and POST methods, but not included completely in GET methods. Starting with this version they are consistently included and handled in all methods for the main axiom classes: RealEstate, RealEstateComponent, BuildingComponent, Storey, Device, Sensor, Actuator, ActuationInterface and AliasNamespace.

Breaking changes

No breaking changes.

Fixes and minor updated

Parameters of RealEstateCore Individuals

RealEstateCore individuals type properties are now consistently in IRI format.


  • Device PUT and POST endpoints: hasDeviceFunctionType
  • Actuator PUT and POST endpoints: deviceMeasurementUnit,  deviceQuantityKind, devicePlacementContext. 
  • Sensor PUT and POST endpoints: deviceMeasurementUnit,  deviceQuantityKind, devicePlacementContext.