Embracing EV charging infrastructure in commercial buildings

Electric vehicles (EVs) are an important part of building a sustainable future, but growth in EV adoption depends on the availability of convenient charging infrastructure. Commercial property owners are uniquely positioned to help solve this issue. Installing EV charging stations provides an attractive amenity to tenants while enabling cleaner [...]

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Act on your digital transformation in facility management

New technologies like IoT sensors, cloud computing, and AI can reduce costs, enhance productivity, and improve results in facility management. However, undergoing a digital transformation to use these technologies requires more than just implementing new tools. It necessitates changing processes, culture, and mindset across facility management teams. With strong [...]

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Cognitive Buildings: The new age of smart building evolution

Today, buildings are no longer stagnant structures but dynamic entities that harness the power of advanced technology. Cognitive buildings represent the next step in the evolution of smart buildings by offering groundbreaking features that redefine the standards of functionality and sustainability. What are cognitive buildings? Cognitive buildings represent a [...]

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Self-sufficient buildings: The advantages of autonomous buildings

From eco-friendly homes to zero-carbon office buildings, the drive toward sustainability in the construction industry has never been stronger. One of the most exciting developments in this field is the rise of autonomous buildings — structures that can generate their own power, monitor their own systems, and operate independently [...]

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Smart city solutions for a more sustainable future

Smart cities represent the ultimate in urban living, where technology and sustainability converge to create a seamless, efficient, and eco-friendly environment. By leveraging the latest advances in digital twins, IoT, and energy-efficient buildings, smart city solutions provide a range of tools and strategies to help you optimize your properties [...]

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Transforming cities: The impact of smart buildings

Introduction Buildings are integral to our daily lives, providing shelter and facilitating work, but in modern society, we should expect them to do more. Buildings, like individuals, are key units that make up a city and should contribute to the city's well-being. If you would [...]

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Proptech: Smart Real Estate Technology

Digitalization has touched every sector of the modern world and the field of proptech is gaining momentum. Applying digital technology to Real Estate represents a huge opportunity to enhance how we invest, build, manage and improve buildings and property. Property technology can significantly boost users’ experience in their commercial [...]

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