Introduction to the ProptechOS Partner Program2023-02-27T11:22:02+02:00
Guide: A guide to the future of smart buildings for real estate owners2023-02-27T11:46:05+02:00
Recorded webinar – We introduce you to the ProptechOS Partner Program2023-02-27T11:22:43+02:00
Recorded webinar – Run Building Performance Diagnosis with ProptechOS Optimize2023-02-27T11:22:51+02:00
Recorded webinar – Automated LEED Certification in cooperation with ARC-USGBC2023-02-27T11:22:57+02:00
Recorded webinar – Possibilities of ProptechOS and the RealEstateCore ecosystem – Case Telefonplan2023-02-27T11:23:05+02:00
Recorded webinar – Idun launches ProptechOS to make buildings smart2023-02-27T11:23:12+02:00
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