Become a

ProptechOS Partner

The most effective way to join the RealEstateCore ecosystem and connect seamlessly with ProptechOS customers.

Why become a partner?

As a ProptechOS Partner, Idun will market your product(s) towards potential customers and inform them of your value to their business.

Partners will be able to promote their product(s) which is certified by using the ProptechOS Partner logo in chosen marketing material (e.g. website, social media, printed material). This collaboration shows that your product(s) is based on standards specified within RealEstateCore Consortium and that the products work effectively with ProptechOS.

As a ProptechOS partner, you will be able to focus on your key value contribution to the customer and leverage the ProptechOS platform for the basics. Focus on what you do well and exceed expectations. 

As a member, Idun will provide technical developer support for how a Partner integrates its product(s) with ProptechOS. This allows for easy integration and efficient use of your application.

When a customer chooses your solution, you will have full control of your business relationship generated through the ProptechOS partner program.

Partner Capabilities

The ProptechOS Partner logo means that a product has been certified to work with ProptechOS and therefore certified to work with RealEstateCore.

There are six capabilities that can be certified. If an application certifies at least one, they become a ProptechOS Partner.

Application Partner

  • Useful applications for tenants and property owners

  • Verified integration

  • Works best with ProptechOS

  • Co-sell

Edge Partner

  • Edge system like BMS, IoT or other data sources

  • Telemetry (RealEstateCore Contributor)

  • Control

  • Provisioning

Fill in the form and apply to become a part of the ProptechOS Partner Program:

Certification Process

As an ecosystem partner to Idun, you guarantee that your own solution is based on standards specified within RealEstateCore Consortium and that the products thus work effectively with ProptechOS. This makes it easy for our customers who invest in ProptechOS to quickly, cost-effectively and safely create new business values ​​based on a large number of applications.

  1. Apply to be partner using web-form or email
  2. SDK Introduction:
    1. Partner and Idun define scope and certification plan
    2. Partner designate main technical contact
    3. Idun provides test devices/data kit 
    4. Set timeline
  3. (Partner performs development/integration work)
  4. Certification request by Partner
    1. Sign agreement
  5. Idun makes functional certification
  6. Partner is Certified

Responsibilities of partners:

Partner’s product(s) and pricing model

Description of the Partner’s product(s) with stated costs for how the implementation and operational costs aggregate over a large scale implementation with the purpose to show the financial benefits of using the ProptechOS platform.

  • The price model needs to include brackets for 1st installation and 2nd-to-n:th installation, operational cost based on e.g. m2, usage, data.
  • Contracts are always made between the partner and the customer.
  • A separate product description document should be made that can be shared with customers and prospects.
  • A separate product description document/web-page should be provided that can be shared with customers and prospects.