Run a Simple Sample Edge connector

Watch a 2 minutes video to learn about how to run a simple sample edge connector

1. To manage Edge connectors, go to the “Systems” and choose “Edge connectors” from the drop-down list. Here you’ll be able to see the list of active Edge connectors and manage them.

2. To start the Simple Sample Edge connector click on the plus sign.

3. Choose the type of connector you want to start running. For this example, please select “Simple Sample”.

3. In the “Configuration” tab you’ll see the telemetry send period, which is set to 5 minutes. For this example, you cannot modify it.

4. Next, go to the “Devices” tab and find your example device by its popular name, littera or ID. Select your temperature sensor and actuator by checking the boxes next to them.

5. Finally, click the “Create” button to submit the form and create your Edge connector. Congratulations! You’ve successfully created the Simple Sample Edge connector that will send telemetry observations to the chosen sensors.

Now, you may open your example device and check the observations or try to change the temperature.

Enjoy the process of creating digital twin of your property with ProptechOS!