Cookie Policy


When you visit cookies are stored on your device. These are small text files that can store information such as settings on the website. They also allow tracking to follow what you do on the website.

Most web browsers accept cookies by default, but if you do not want to utilize cookies you can change your browser settings to be notified every time a web site tries to store a cookie on your device.

When you visit our website you will be notified and informed about the different cookies we utilize and how you can set your web browser to notify you every time it is receiving a request to store a cookie. This way you are in control if you want to accept or reject the request to store a cookie.

Our Cookies

Some cookies are needed in order to navigate and use this website, these cookies cannot be turned off if you wish to use all functionality of this website. These cookies do not store any information that can be used to identify you as a person. Some cookies are used to enhance the user experience when navigating our web page.

Session cookies are used to identify and authenticate the user during the visit to our web page. A session cookie contains a randomly generated string (Session ID) that is assigned to the users device. Session cookies are used for settings and storing these user settings, such as language settings and pre filled forms to enhance your experience while navigating our web site.

Third party cookies

We use cookies for analytical purposes to evaluate and to draw statistics over the general behaviour of the visitor on our website.

For example:

  • What external websites the visitors came from
  • What search terms were used
  • What pages that are visited most frequently

We gather statistics about the usage and interactions on our webpage. This information is collected to make our website as user friendly and relevant as possible for you as a visitor. All the information that is collected is aggregated on a comprehensive level, as well as anonymous.

Idun Real Estate Solutions AB website uses Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager, Hotjar Analytical tool, CRM-system as opt-in tool* and social media platforms (see “links and external websites”).

*By opt-in we refer to the forms that the visitors fill out to be contacted, newsletter subscriptions, invites and to obtain access to content such as white papers, articles and videos. The registered user’s email will be linked to the IP address, that CRM-system uses re recognize the user during their next visit to our website.

If you continue to use our website without making any changes to your settings, we will assume that you are ok with our cookies.

Log files

When you are using the web from your computer or mobile device, the web server will log your interaction with the website, this log will contain basic information such as page views and IP address. The information inside these log files is completely anonymous and cannot be used to identify you as a person.

Retention period

We are setting the expire date for cookies from our domains to expire after 2 years.

Links and external websites

On the website there are links that lead to external websites and social media platforms. The Company cares about the personal integrity of you who visit the website and the following social media platforms that the Company uses:

Idun Real Estate Solutions LinkedIn

Idun Real Estate Solutions Facebook

This privacy policy does not apply to other websites or social media accounts. When visiting external websites, take part of their privacy policy before providing them with your personal information.