People counting and GDPR presence sensors compliance

Understanding workplace occupancy became significantly more important with the introduction of hybrid work and flexible workspaces. It allows building managers to optimize spaces making them smarter, safer, and more efficient. However, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) sets comprehensive regulations for protecting an individual's privacy and personal data, including [...]

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Flexible workplace technology: The future of work

In today's fast-paced business world, flexibility is key. Employers constantly seek new ways to attract and retain top talent, and offering workplace flexibility is one way to do it. As remote work and flexible schedules become the norm, businesses recognize they need commercial real estate space to accommodate this [...]

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The concept of space management: A comprehensive guide

Optimizing space utilization is essential for success. Every square foot of unutilized space drains the potential profitability of a building. This article provides everything you need to start making the most of your space using the concept of space management. Understanding space management Space management is an art form [...]

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Occupancy sensors: A guide to smart energy savings

As businesses look for new ways to satisfy today's environmentally-conscious consumers, commercial real estate companies can add value by reducing their energy consumption and improving sustainability. This allows businesses to benefit from the sustainability of the buildings they occupy, showcasing their commitment to the environment. Occupancy sensors offer an [...]

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