Case study

ProptechOS enables connectivity to sthlmflex

Plug and play connectivity of all types of electrical equipment to power demand-response market

Case Study

In late 2021, Vasakronan, Sweden’s largest property owner, participated in the sthlmflex power market for the second year in a row. The achievement was accomplished by leveraging ProptechOS in three key areas:

  1. For machine learning to predict future electricity consumption,
  2. To predict the minimum possible reduction of electricity to keep mission critical equipment running during peak hours and
  3. To calculate the possible savings of using the flex market.

Management and prediction of future energy consumption using machine learning module on ProptechOS.

Connectivity and scalability of any energy consuming device, regardless of energy type (electrical vehicles, heating, cooling etc.) to the sthlmflex power market.

No hardware investment needed to accomplish the project.